Sioux City - The Wild West Experience for the Whole Family

Experience the Wild West live on Gran Canaria - not far from the tourist metropolis of Playa del Ingles. Sioux City is located in San Agustin opposite Playa del Aguila. A western town that conveys the feeling of an earlier time. And it is not just a film and entertainment backdrop.

Visitors are treated to several shows that include shooting - not with live ammunition, of course. But it looks damn real. When the thief is arrested in a high-noon situation and put in jail - that's quite something.

The scenes are well thought out and give the viewer - who sometimes gets a live guest role - a very good impression of how things were back then. In the Whiskey Saloon you can fortify yourself and have a drink or two before the next round starts outside and bulls rampage through the streets. Accompanied by music, you get a great live impression of being in the middle of a western film.

A really nice show is on offer here - a good contrast and a welcome change from a beach holiday. This is a nice family outing and all Western fans will get their money's worth here. But beware of the undertaker ;-)

Sioux City Park
Barranco del Aguila
35100 Maspalomas
Gran Canaria

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